Snapchat Allows Parents to See their Kids’ Messaging Activities

Family Center

Snapchat has announced a new monitoring feature that allows parents to see who their teen is messaging but not what they are messaging about.

The new “Family Center” Hub feature will allow parents to oversee their teens, but it will require both their permission to accept the tool before parents can use it. To monitor messaging actions, parents, guardians, or trusted relatives must be 25 years of age or older.

They may enable the Family Center by searching for “Safety”, “Family”, or “Parent” in the search box. They may also access their profile settings, as shown in the video above.

FamilyCenter View

The key question now is whether the youngsters will accept the invitation if they know they will be supervised. One thing to keep in mind is that you must first be friends before you can invite them, so if the teen refuses your request, the said feature will be nothing.

Teen users will have the same perspective as parents in the Family Center. “So everyone is on the same page,” Snap noted. Additional features will be released in the coming months.