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Xiaomi’s New Technology Uses Brain Waves to Control Smart Home Devices

MiGu Xiaomi Headband

Xiaomi has developed a new headband technology that allows users to manage smart home gadgets using their brain waves. A video posted on Weibo demonstrates that the gadget is compatible with smartphones that display brainwaves.

The new brainwave headband is known as the ” MiGu Xiaomi Headband,” and it was introduced at the Third Xiaomi Hackathon for its Engineers.

In The Register article; Developers said that it may be used to control appliances or detect brain waves of individuals experiencing fatigue while driving.

A smartphone can be paired with the device to monitor brain waves. This technology will be a fantastic addition to the market, but customers may still prefer voice command technology due to its convenience.

This device would be ideal for persons who are unable to speak, allowing them to manage smart devices using their brain waves.