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Discord Revamps Android App for Faster Updates and Releases

Discord new update

Previously, the Discord Android version was frequently late in receiving new features, but this recent update will allow Android users to receive new features at the same time as the iOS and desktop versions.

They announced that they will be revamping the Android app in the next weeks to provide “feature consistency across platforms.”

In the Blog post they stated that: 

“Historically, work on the Android implementation of new features would often be delayed until desktop and iOS were completed, resulting in some features that launched first on one platform before eventually arriving on another one,”

Discord’s Android app will now employ React Native, enabling the company to distribute new updates across all platforms at the same time. This means that anything you receive in iOS or the desktop version will be available in Android or something very close to it.

The added that:

“React Native allows us to streamline and consolidate our processes, which helps our engineers work more efficiently and push out updates more frequently, especially now that the team won’t be spending as much time maintaining different codebases for different devices.”

Discord has already begun rolling out the latest version for the Android app.