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Kenya is Giving Facebook Seven Days to Deal with Hate Speech or Face Suspension

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Kenyan authorities have urged Meta’s Facebook to address online hate speech and incitement on the site as presidential, parliamentary, and local government elections approach. If the company does not comply, they will be suspended.

Advocacy group Global Witness stated in their report that Facebook had allowed several political advertisements that breached Kenya’s rules.

As per Danvas Makori, Kenya’s National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) commissioner: 

“Facebook is in violation of the laws of our country. They have allowed themselves to be a vector of hate speech and incitement, misinformation and disinformation,” and also added ; “This country is bigger than a social media company or an entity. We will not allow Facebook, or any other social media company, to jeopardise security,” 

Facebook has claimed that they have taken every precaution to remove hate speech and inflammatory content from their platform, and added:

“We have dedicated teams of Swahili speakers and proactive detection technology to help us remove harmful content quickly and at scale,”

Meta may have tried every conceivable method of censoring hate speech and disinformation, but it may not have been enough, as NCIC continues to see dozens of advertisements and posts that violate the country’s regulations.