Chinese Government Tried to Start a Stealth Propaganda in TikTok


In April 2020, a Chinese government agency attempted to register a stealth account on TikTok to disseminate propaganda to Western audiences.

According to Blomberg’s report, a request was made to create a stealth account, which was shared with Elizabeth Kanter, TikTok’s head of government relations for the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Israel.

A message from Kanter Colleague stated that:

“Chinese government entity that’s interested in joining TikTok but would not want to be openly seen as a government account as the main purpose is for promoting content that showcases the best side of China (some sort of propaganda).”

TikTok confirmed the request, noting that it was an “informal request from a friend of an employee” and that “we declined to give help for this request, since we believed the creation of such an account would violate our Community Guidelines.”

To minimize Trust Issues, TikTok management made the wise choice to make detailed information about this request public.