Twitter is Testing a New Status Feature

Twitter new Status

Some Twitter users recently got a new status feature that allows them to pick pre-written labels. Twitter confirmed the limited test after several users tweeted screenshots of the feature.

Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer and researcher, revealed in April that users will be able to select pre-written feelings/activities when posting a Tweet, but this current test appears to just allow users to attach them to certain tweets.

A Twitter spokesperson had stated on TechCrunch article that: 

“For a limited time, we are testing a feature that allows you to add a status topic from a predetermined list to your Tweets to provide more context for your followers, “So whether you are about to drop a hot Tweet thread, share your shower thoughts, or have a bad case of the Mondays, your Tweets can better convey what you are up to.”

Other users are not happy and satisfied about it since it is all pre-written and users cannot customize any activities or labels.  

The new Status Feature has a Facebook look to it, but just because Twitter is running a test doesn’t indicate that Twitter’s new status feature will be completely rolled out. Typically, these small-scale tests are designed to assess user reaction.