The New Gmail Layout is Rolling Out to Everyone

Gmail new look

Gmail’s new appearance will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. The redesign intends to make it easier to switch between Mail, Meet, Chat, and Spaces. It also said that the general layout is part of Google’s Material Design 3.

The company also stated that we may expect enhancements to Gmail Tablet users, greater emoji support, and other accessibility features later this year.

“Now you can optimize Gmail for how you like to stay connected, whether it’s as a standalone email application or a hub for easily moving between Chat, Spaces and video calls in Google Meet,” says Neena Kamath, a Google product manager.¬†¬†


If other users do not like the modern feel, they may quickly return to the previous one by following the steps below:

  • At the top right, click Settings.
  • Under Quick Settings, click Go back to the original Gmail view.
  • In the new window, click Reload.

The modifications are believed to be part of Google’s overall new approach to the Workspace Suite, which is designed to deliver a more cohesive aesthetic and additional AI-powered functionality.