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Microsoft Teams is Up and Working for Most Users After the Outage

Microsoft Team outage

After a global outage that lasted hours, Microsoft Teams is now accessible to the majority of users. Thousands of users were affected and unable to utilize most of its services, such as chatting. The company did confirm that the outage was the result of a recent update that “contained a broken connection to an internal storage service.”

Following the downtime, the firm announced on their website:

“We’re addressing any residual impact related to this event. Additionally, we are monitoring for any signs of failure until we’re confident that all functions of the service are fully recovered,”

The firm did not specify the number of customers affected by the outage, but received thousands of reports from various countries, indicating that the outage affected Microsoft teams members worldwide.

They also verified that it affected a number of Microsoft 365 applications that integrate with Teams, including Microsoft Word, Office Online, and SharePoint Online.

Several small and large organizations were impacted by the outage since most employees are now utilizing the application to communicate most of the time during this pandemic because they are working on a remote setting.