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Meta is Being Sued by the First Meta for Seizing its Identity


It was just a year ago that Facebook chose to rebrand itself as Meta, a short word for Metaverse, a virtual reality world. However, the company is currently being sued for identity theft by another company named Meta (The First Meta).

The decision to rebrand Facebook had a significant impact on the first organization, Meta. It is considered that it jeopardized the business and ruined the intellectual property rights of the creators.

Justin Bolognino, Meta’s (#TheRealMeta) Founder and CEO stated that: 

“Today, we take a stand for the future of our industry—to ensure that intellectual property rights are recognized, protected, and respected. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are new to our industry, our DNA has always been the same: we have been META since 2010, empowering creators and pioneering creator-driven immersive experiences.”

Meta (Facebook) is accused of unlawfully taking Meta’s mark and name, which amounts to “willfully breaching META’s trademark rights and engaging in flagrant acts of unfair competition,” according to the lawsuit.

The first Meta company acknowledged that after eight months of negotiating with Facebook, they were left with no alternative but to file a legal case against the company.

Meta (#TheRealMeta) hopes to win the lawsuit and reclaim their trademark and name. However, there is little to no possibility that Meta (Facebook) will return to its original company name.