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LG Rollable Smartphone was Real, as New Proof Circulate Online

LG Rollable phone

LG announced its permanent exit from the smartphone industry a few months ago. Rumor had it that before they quit from the Smartphone business, they had created a rollable phone. However, some people did not buy it and said that it was not true, but now videos of the rollable phone are spreading online, proving that it was real.

Although it is expected that the Rollable Smartphone would no longer be available for purchase because the company has ceased operations, someone has obtained a prototype unit of the abovementioned smartphone. According to Checkout Tech’s brief video, LG was able to design a shortcut to enable the rolling function, which works smoothly and perfectly.

As per the video, you could fully hide some tablet-mode apps in the rollable “drawer.” An article from Letsgodigital said that the phone has a 7.4-inch, 1600 x 2428 screen that shrinks down to 6.8-inch, 1080 x 2428 when rolled.

It looks to feature three camera modules and a flash and has a mirror-like finish. The number “3” sticker is noteworthy since it might represent a prototype number, indicating that they may have made more than one.

If launched to the market, this might be a great flagship for LG, and smartphone customers will be excited about this new fascinating technology.