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Amazon Prime Users Can Now Easily Unsubscribe After EU Complaints

EU Amazon Prime

Following several consumer concerns, Amazon has agreed to make it easier for EU Prime subscribers to cancel their subscriptions in only two clicks, according to the European Commission on Friday.

Last year, The European Consumer Organization (BEUC), the Norwegian Consumer Council, and the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue published an article titled “You Can Log Out, But You Can Never Leave”. Where it outlines how Amazon implements difficult methods to unsubscribe Prime.

According to the Commission, Amazon would now allow EU consumers to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime with two clicks via a prominent and clear ‘cancel button.’ The changes will be applied to all EU websites as well as desktop, mobile, and tablet devices as soon as possible.

Amazon said: “By design we make it clear and simple for customers to both sign up for or cancel their Prime membership. We continually listen to feedback and look for ways to improve the customer experience, as we are doing here following constructive dialogue with the European Commission.”