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Google Will Make Syncing Photos and WiFi Passwords Easier

Chrombook new update

Google is developing solutions to simplify life for Chromebook users. The company recently unveiled the upgrades they made to Chrome OS 103, which now allows Chromebooks and linked Android smartphones to automatically sync photographs and share Wi-Fi passwords.

The Company stated that: 

“With the latest update, you’ll now also have instant access to the latest photos you took on your phone — even if you’re offline,” 

The photo you take on your phone will automatically show up under recent images in Phone Hub on your Laptop.

Google said that:

“Now you can also use an Android phone and Nearby Share to securely connect a Chromebook to any saved Wi-Fi network”

The Nearby Share has a new capability that allows Android users to share their WiFi password with a Chromebook laptop. 

The “Fast Pair” function, which enables Chromebooks to “automatically recognize when a new pair of Bluetooth headphones are on, are close, and are ready to be set up,” is yet another feature that Google plans to introduce. When a pop-up appears, pairing the devices only requires one tap.

Google has added: 

“Whether you want to use new headphones to watch a video, join a virtual meeting or listen to music, Fast Pair will make it hassle-free,”