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Instagram is Trying Out New Ways to Verify Users’ Age

Intagram age Verification

Instagram is exploring two additional methods for users to confirm their age when using the app. According to the company’s most recent blog post:

“We’re testing this so we can make sure teens and adults are in the right experience for their age group,”

The mentioned functionality will be accessible initially in the United States, however the existing method of uploading a photo ID is still available if someone changes their date of birth from under 18 to 18 or over. However, the new methods will assist users who do not have ID by allowing them to choose between taking a video selfie or asking friends to validate their age before the app can accept the update.

The Video Selfie verification option is simple to use, and you will be guided by on-screen instructions. Instagram will then take a photo of your face and verify it with the app’s age-verification partner Yoti, which utilizes technology to determine a user’s age based on facial traits. They did add that after the procedure is completed, Meta and Yoti will delete the image.

Instagram’s New Age Verification

The individual vouching must be at least 18 and may only testify to one user at a time for the other option, which allows your mutual follower to validate your age. Three selected mutual followers will then receive a request to confirm your age and must respond within 3 days.

Instagram added that:
“As an industry, we have to explore novel ways to approach the dilemma of verifying someone’s age when they don’t have an ID,”