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Facebook is Removing Fake Reviews From its Platform

Facebook Fake reviews

Facebook is aggressively striving to prevent people from providing fake reviews on Business pages. To address the issue, the Social Media platform has updated its Community feedback policy.

Facebook (Meta) Stated that:

“The new policy was created to ensure that reviews are based on real purchasing experiences, and to keep irrelevant, fraudulent and offensive feedback off of our platforms.”

It is evident that the company is doing all possible to combat potentially abusive reviews. The new criteria will guard against those who submit false negative reviews in order to obtain refunds or other freebies in exchange for their false negative experience with the product.

Reviews that have nothing to do with the business, contain graphic or inappropriate content, or are just spam feedback are all susceptible to removal. If the client or company breaches the guidelines, Facebook has warned that the phony review will be removed, and repeat offenders may have their Facebook account suspended or banned.

The new revised guidelines will definitely assist customers and business owners in combating abusive users who seek loopholes in order to acquire what they want or take advantage of it.