Messenger App Is Rolling Out “Calls” Tab For iOS and Android

Calls Feature for messenger

Meta is adding a new “Calls” tab to Messenger app for iOS and android users. The company unveiled the said feature this week. The newly introduced tab will record every call you make or receive in the app. You may effortlessly connect calls with your friends and family with a single tap.

The new Calls tab is now available on iOS globally, and it will be available to Android users in the coming weeks. According to Meta, the new Calls tab is one of several features meant to allow users to enhance their relationships with others.

The mentioned feature will appear at the bottom of the Messenger app with the “Chats,” “Stories,” and “People” sections. In prior versions, you had to create a thread before you could call some of your friends or relatives. The new page will make the process quicker and faster by allowing users to browse a list of Facebook friends followed by a call button.

Meta stated that audio and video calling on Messenger has increased significantly, with more than 40% more daily callers compared to early 2020. On a single day, it captures around 300 million audio and video calls worldwide.

This is to be expected during the lockdown phase, in which families and friends are not permitted to leave their homes due to the global pandemic. Messenger was a huge help in keeping people in touch throughout the crisis.