‘Presearch’ Decentralized Search Engine Is The Best Alternative To Google

With each upgrade, the Decentralized Search Engine Presearch is getting better and better. The privacy-focused search engine just transitioned from the Testnet to the Mainnet, allowing it to serve more search queries globally.

On their latest announcement they stated that: 

“The decentralized network will now process over 5 million daily private searches with the ability to scale to hundreds of millions,” 

For their search site, has been replaced with the more popular

Presearch was launched on its Testnet in October 2020 and quickly gained popularity. This search engine is thought to compete with Google by letting users search to the internet for anything without worrying about their data being collected.

Volunteer-run computers, termed as “nodes,” are used by the Canadian-based company. Volunteers are then rewarded with a blockchain-based currency for their efforts in processing the search results. Anyone can also volunteer to transform their own computer or virtual server into a node.

Presearch added that: 

“We now have the ability for node operators to contribute computing resources, be rewarded for their contributions, and have the network automatically distribute those resources to the locations and tasks that require processing,”