Your Online Activity And Location Is Being Exposed Without You Knowing 

Data Collection

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) reveals that your internet behavior and location are being watched and shared with hundreds of corporations on a daily basis.

A new report titled “The Biggest Data Breach” which investigates Real-Time Bidding (RTB) of data transmissions for internet users in the United States and Europe. This is how per-impression digital advertising is purchased and sold, and it’s a $117 billion market.

Companies will be able to profile you by continually collecting data from you and sending it to their server. RTB transmits a massive amount of data, including what you access online and your precise location, 178 trillion times per year in the United States and Europe alone.

Companies such as Google and Microsoft (Xandr) are among the RTB companies that send and track data from users. This will allow 4,698 firms in the United States to access the collected data; but, according to the report, this data is also shared in Europe, China, and Russia.

We urge everyone to be more cautious and secure when using the internet. Users may use Virtual Private Network (VPN) when browsing the internet; VPN will encrypt your internet traffic and change your location, allowing you to be unseen online. You may try a free VPN like Unseen Online Unlimited VPN, an ad-supported VPN that offers free VPN services with no registration, no bandwidth limits, and no setup or configuration — simply install the app and connect.

As a human being who lives and breathes in this world every day and relies on the internet for business and work, this is both alarming and worrying.