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Google’s AI-Powered “Interview Warmup” Gives People Better Chances To Get A Job

Google Interview Warmup

Google is unveiling a new AI-powered interview to help applicants prepare for job interviews and increase their chances of being hired.

The Interview Warmup tool encourages users to polish their skills and acquire confidence before a job interview. Your answers are transcribed in real time, allowing you to evaluate what you said and see trends in your responses.

The tool was designed to assist Google Career Certificate students prepare for job applications, but they realized that it may be useful for all people without jobs.

According to Google’s frequently asked questions about Interview Warmup:

“Interview Warmup asks three types of questions: background, situational, and technical”

They also said that they do not save or share data and that all information is kept private for the users:

“No. We don’t save your audio or the transcripts of your answers. That means all your Interview Warmup data is private to you. If you would like to save your answers, you can do that by copying the text of a single response, or downloading the full transcript at the end of the interview”

Interview Warmup works with the latest releases of Chrome for MacOS, Windows, and Android, as well as the Safari browser.