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Apple Updated Rules For Auto-Renew App Subs Charge Higher Price

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Apple’s latest App Store rules allow consumers to automatically renew memberships at a higher price. Users must accept the pricing or their subscription will be terminated.

The developers stated that the increased subscription charge will avoid any service disruption “under specific specific conditions and with advance user notice.” The “specific conditions” to which Apple refers include that the price rise occur no more than once per year, that it does not exceed $5 and 50% of the subscription price or $50 and 50% of the yearly cost, and that it be permitted by local law.

TheVerge posted a detailed explanation of the price increase:

 “let’s say I have a subscription that’s $60 a year. The developers could raise it to $90 ($60 plus 50 percent), and it would auto-renew without me having to opt-in. If I have a monthly subscription that’s $15, and the developers wanted to raise it to $22, in theory I’d have to opt-into that — it’s less than a 50 percent increase, but over the $5 cap.

The users will be notified of the impending price rise; therefore, they will only take action if they choose to cancel their membership before it is paid.

Apple explains that: 

 “In these situations, Apple always notifies users of an increase in advance, including via email, push notification, and a message within the app,”

“Apple will also notify users of how to view, manage, and cancel subscriptions if preferred.”

There is a good chance that people may cancel their subscriptions as a result of the new App Store rules. If Apple truly cares about its customers, it should not make auto-renewal the default setting.

Users who did not opt in for the auto renew with price hike can still resubscribe within the app, according to Apple. So the point here is, is it really difficult for them to offer an auto renew feature without charging people extra money?