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Google Chrome Cannot Be Updated On Russian Android Devices

Google Chrome for Android

Several Android Google Chrome users in Russia are experiencing problems updating to the newest version of the browser. Every day, an increasing number of people report the problem, but the cause is unclear and no solution has been established.

According to a Russian news site, a number of users have complained on the Play Store that they are having trouble upgrading the browser. This began on May 9th, after Google launched Chrome version 101 for Android users.

Google Chrome Feedback

When updating, the error message is “Fail to install Google Chrome.” It does suggest users can troubleshoot the issue by attempting again, however this does not resolve the problem.

Other users have attempted to totally remove the browser and then reinstall it from the Play Store, but this has made matters worse because it will not allow them to install the browser.

As of now, there is no word on whether the disruption was caused by ongoing sanctions or by a technical glitch. Several people advised using the previous version while waiting for the fix. Those who have already uninstalled the app from the Play Store might try using a different browser or getting the newest version of Chrome from another app store and manually installing it.