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New Google Smart Glasses Have Built-In Real-Time Language Translator

Google Smart Glasses

In a YouTube video titled “Breaking down language barriers with augmented reality,” Google introduced the upcoming Google Smart Glasses. The new prototype smart glasses are intended to transcribe, translate, and show what someone says on the lens in real time.

On the video, Eddie Chung, Google’s director of product management, stated:

“What we’re working on is technology that enables us to break down language barriers,”

It generates translated subtitles using Google Translate. It also has a great feature in which deaf people may utilize smart glasses to assist them comprehend folks who do not know sign language.

Google has not yet revealed the precise name, specifications, or how the subtitles will appear on the smart glasses’ lenses. Instead, the video depicts a “simulated” perspective of the encounter.

Whatever Google has planned, it has the power to change the way we communicate with others and break down language barriers. One excellent feature is the one that allows deaf individuals to comprehend others without having to learn sign language.