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Elon Musk Said Russia’s “Ramping Up” Ways To Hack Starlink

Starlink Internet Service

The head of the Russian Space Agency recently warned Musk about using Starlink in Ukraine. Musk has now tweeted that Russia is attempting to hack or disrupt Starlink Internet Services, saying:

Elon Musk’s tweet comes on the same day that the EU and UK blamed Russia for hacking the Viasat satellite internet, causing disruption.

The attack, which included data-wiping software, was reportedly timed to shut off the Ukrainian government’s access to satellite internet just as Russia started an invasion of the country.

Musk stated that Russia has been attempting to target Starlink by conducting jamming attacks in order to interrupt the service, which occurred after Starlink assisted Ukraine in establishing satellite internet in some areas.

Since the satellite services have been delivering high-speed internet access to Ukrainians during the war, Russia is certainly attempting to hack Starlink and take it offline.