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Microsoft Tells Users To Uninstall The Windows 11 Update That Crashes Apps

Windows 11 KB5012643

Last month, Microsoft published an optional update for Windows 11, KB5012643, that causes some apps to crash and not function correctly. Instead of issuing a fix, Microsoft advised users to uninstall that specific update.

According to an ExtremeTech post, KB5012643 was causing certain programs to crash or not launch at all. The update’s main goal was to enable a number of minor improvements and fix bugs. Apps that use optional components in .NET framework 3.5 are the most affected and will not work properly. 

Microsoft advised users to uninstall the update by following the methods outlined below:

  • Open the Start menu and type “Windows Update Settings”
  • Click the Windows Update settings option that pops up
  • Select View Update History
  • Select Uninstall Update
  • Find the KB5012643 update in the list and click to uninstall it

Microsoft is aware that certain customers will have restricted access to the settings and will be unable to uninstall the update (Organizational or work computers). Users can temporarily resolve the issue by following this set of procedures for re-enabling.NET 3.5.