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Russian Space Agency Head Warns Elon Musk For Starlink Usage In Ukraine

With the current Russian-Ukraine war, SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet, known as Elon Musk’s space exploration company, has assisted Ukraine in providing internet access.

The head of the Russian Space Agency has threatened Elon Musk with consequences for providing satellite internet to Ukraine.

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos, wrote a message on his Telegram channel last Saturday, stating:

“Elon Musk is thus involved in the supply of fascist forces in Ukraine with military communications,” Rogozin  added. “And for this you will have to answer in an adult way, Elon, no matter how you play the fool.”

Elon Musk replied to the aforementioned post by the head of Russia’s space agency, tweeting:

Musk also added on a different post :
“If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya,”

SpaceX has been providing internet to Ukraine using over 10,000 Starlink dishes, which can receive internet from satellites circling the planet. Ukraine is deploying the majority of the dishes to badly impacted locations, including hospitals and military operations.