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Tor Browser Improved Performance By Adding Congestion Control

TOR Congestion Control

Tor Project has recently published an updated version of the browser, For the first time, the team has introduced congestion control, with the goal of reducing latency and eliminating speed limitations while using Tor.

Tor’s main purpose is to give tools to Internet users to combat censorship, tracking, and monitoring. Users from all across the world can download Tor Browser.

Tor urges Exit relay operators to switch to the newest version as soon as possible:

“This means that in order for users to see the benefits of these improvements, we need our Exit relay operators to upgrade to the new Tor 0.4.7 stable series, asap!”

What is Congestion Control

As per Tor Article it is an adaptive property of distributed networks, whereby a network and its endpoints operate such that utilization is maximized, while minimizing a constraint property, and ensuring fairness between connections. 

On the network side, traffic congestion has been a problem for some time. It may take up to a minute or so for a page to load. The team was able to determine that the lack of congestion control was the cause of each user’s poor waiting time.

Tor users should notice improved speed when viewing pages after all exit nodes have been updated to the latest release version.

If Tor is not an option for certain users, they can utilize VPN (Virtual Private Network), which serves the same purpose as Tor, to freely access and surf the internet without fear of government monitoring and censorship.

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