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Some Microsoft Employees Are Unable To Upgrade To Windows 11

PC Can't run Windows 11

Having trouble upgrading to Windows 11? It appears that we are not the only ones who are frustrated by the strict hardware requirements. Microsoft claimed in a recent blog post that there are Microsoft employees’ PCs that are incompatible with Windows 11.

As per the company, this is the “smoothest” upgrading cycle they have had thus far, with a 99 percent success rate for the 190,000 devices that are eligible for the upgrade. However, some employees are still experiencing difficulty upgrading their operating system (OS).

Lukas Velush, Content and Social Program Manager, stated:

Windows 11 has specific hardware requirements, and a percentage of our devices were not upgraded,” 

“the employees with these devices will continue to run windows 10 in parallel and get a Windows 11 device at their next device refresh,” 

Users may choose to stick with Windows 10 due to the strict hardware requirements and the lack of a compelling reason to update.

When you look at the hardware requirements, it does not require a powerful PC to operate it. However, even if we assume you have a mid-to-powerful PC, you will still have some difficulties updating it automatically (which I experienced; that is why I chose to still use Windows 10) unless you try your luck upgrading it manually using Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool.