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Twitter Is Apparently Developing A New “Vibe Check” Feature

Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and reverse engineer known for leaking upcoming app updates, has discovered a potential new feature codenamed “Vibe”

The post has the option to “Set a Status,” which includes five pre-set vibes such as “Shopping Grocery” and “Driving Highway.” There is no word on whether the presets will be limited or if users will be able to create their own vibes.

You may notice it somewhat resembles Facebook’s “Feelings” and “Activity,”

As per TheVerge latest article, Twitter has yet to respond to a request for comment on the new feature. For the time being, it is unknown when or even whether or not this functionality will go live.

Many Twitter users will undoubtedly be thrilled about this new feature. It will be interesting to see whether Twitter permits users to add custom vibes or if it will be more like a preset option, as well as how they will manage ‘bad vibes’.