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Brave Browser ‘De-AMP’ Feature to Bypass Google AMP because it’s ‘harmful to users’

Brave browser

De-AMP: Cutting Out Google and Enhancing Privacy is a new Brave browser feature that allows users to skip Google-hosted AMP pages and go straight to the source website.

What is AMP?

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a non-standard subset of HTML developed and pushed by Google. AMP pages are served from Google’s servers, but they are designed to look like they’re coming from the original publisher’s site.

Brave stated on their blog post that “In practice, AMP is harmful to users and to the Web at large,”

Google AMP was believed to be controversial because it appeared that Google was attempting to gain more control over the web. This feature provides Google with additional information about users’ surfing patterns, confuses users and is often slower than normal web sites.

They pledge to safeguard users against AMP in a variety of ways and have stated:

“Where possible, De-AMP will rewrite links and URLs to prevent users from visiting AMP pages altogether. And in cases where that is not possible, Brave will watch as pages are being fetched and redirect users away from AMP pages before the page is even rendered, preventing AMP/Google code from being loaded and executed.”

Many people are still unaware of the Brave browser, and Google Chrome continues to dominate the browser market. If you are concerned about your privacy or the privacy of others while browsing, perhaps switching to a privacy-oriented browser such as Brave or Firefox is a good idea.