Internet Censorship

Russia Banned PornHub And Said “Meet Someone in Real Life”

Russia banned Pornhub

Russia’s media regulator has blocked all access to popular porn websites like PornHub and YouPorn. 

The ban on porn sites went into effect on Tuesday of this week; visitors who attempted to access the sites were greeted with a notice informing them that the material had been removed “by decision of public authorities.” The move was governed by Roskomnadzor.

When a similar restriction went into force last year, Roskomnadzor sent users a snarky message: “As an alternative you could try and meet someone in real life.”

Should Pornhub use the same strategy as in 2016? Roskomnadzor is being asked about unbanning the site in exchange for a premium account.

There is still a way for people who have not found someone in real life to visit the aforementioned restricted websites. They may utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to get access to banned websites.

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