Internet Disruption

Yemen’s Internet Restored After A Four-day Outage. 

Yemen's Internet

The majority of Yemen’s Internet service has been restored after a four-day outage triggered by deadly Saudi-led coalition air attacks that represented a significant escalation in the seven-year conflict.

On Friday, January 22, 2022, Netblocks tweeted and verified a collapse in internet connectivity in Yemen. According to reports, the cause was an attack on a telecom center in the port city of Al Hudaydah that killed three children playing nearby. 

“Connectivity collapsed after a series of deadly airstrikes. The incident severely limited independent media and human rights monitoring efforts,” NetBlocks said.

Also, the air raid coincided with an attack on a prison in rebel-held Saada that left at least 70 people dead and wounded more than 100.

Struggles during the outage

Yemenis were unable to connect to the internet, which affected money transfers and other internet-related activities. Many people’s livelihoods that rely on working online have been jeopardized.

People in Yemen are struggling to meet their daily needs since they are unable to receive money from expats due to internet disruptions.

The majority of individuals utilize video chats to interact with their families and the internet to stay up to date on the conflict.