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Google could soon block your files or make them unreachable

In case you live under a rock and still don’t know: all your emails, files, documents, photos or any piece of information you upload to any of the Google Services is stored on their servers as is and can be seen, read and viewed by Google employees that have the right clearance if they choose to do. Furthermore, this information could be shared with authorities at the sole Discretion of Google.

If that isn’t enough, Google is unleashing their “hunting” algorithms to scan all files that are stored on their Google Drive service to crack down on files that may breach their Terms of Service or Abuse Program policies – two policies they constantly update in any way they see fit at any point in time.

Owners of such files will see them as flagged in their account and they will instantly be restricted from being shared or being viewed publicly, even if someone has direct link to them.

Will this new policy cause disruption to regular users who store own intimate pictures or maybe personal traveling videos with some background music in a restaurant that Google might consider copyrighted and last, after how long we’ll reach the phase that Google would also automatically send the information of your flagged files to authorities to “protect the safety of their users” is remain to be seen.

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